Maintenance Schedule and Update Regarding New Costs

The update will be implemented on Friday, June 9.
In this update, there will be

  • ・Cost adjustments for some characters
  • ・Adjustment of Suzukaze Hope’s ability
  • ・Implementing additional conditions to the Mercy Rule

In addition, the online service will be temporarily suspended, and the tournament hours will be changed for the update.

Maintenance Schedule

Friday, June 9, 10:00-15:00(JST)

12th WBSC Cup

Schedule: Friday, June 9, 15:00 - Monday, June 12, 00:00 (JST) *Subject to change depending on maintenance conditions.

New costs after the update.
The characters whose costs will be changed are as follows

Current cost New cost
Kiba 9 11
Aoba 6 11
Atsumori 6 11
Unkai 9 10
Suzukaze 4 9
Daigogetsu 11 9
Hokuto 8 7
Onishi 8 7
Fukumizu 4 7
Shinogi 7 5
Suzumoto 7 5
M. Ikari 6 5
Yakyuman 2Gou 4 5
Go 5 4
Yakyuman 1Gou 4 3
Tanakayama 1 3
Kai 0 2
Izayoi 0 1
Hibikino 0 1
Atsumori 0 1
Akutsu 0 1
Cost change

Until now, Aoba and Atsumori were popular both in terms of ability and cost, and because of the overall high stamina of pitchers, it was possible to compete in 3-inning tournaments with only a few pitchers with high abilities. Therefore, there was no significant change in the order of pitchers in both cost 55 and 75 tournaments, leading to a higher competition for cost 55 tournaments. This was not intended as the level 55 tournaments were mainly set to be for beginners.

Therefore, in order to make it difficult to form a rotation with only ace-level pitchers in the cost 55 tournaments, we modified the cost of highly pitchers such as Kiba and Unkai to be higher, and also increased the cost of Izayoi and Hibikino, who have very useful “mood ○" special ability at low cost, Akutsu, who is a substitute pitcher, Tanakayama and Kai, who are capable sub-position characters, and increased the cost of Atsumori. By modifying the costs, we have made it so players can add variety in creating the teams.
On the other hand, because pitchers in the mid-cost range that have good abilities tend to have low usage, we have reduced the cost of some pitchers to make them easier to use.

Adjustment of Suzukaze Hope’s ability

Suzukaze's custom pitch, “SP Forkball 3" had an overwhelming advantage, especially against right-handed hitters, because the characteristics of the changeable pitch made it very easy to control it to the left edge of the strike zone. In this adjustment, the amount of change has been increased by 1, making it easier to get inside the strike zone, and the cost has been increased significantly.

Future cost adjustments

This time, we are adjusting the cost with a focus on pitchers. We understand that there is a high demand for fielders with power and that the hit cursor is less important in competitions with lock-on, but we assume that the importance of the hit cursor will increase as we hold regular competitions without lock-on in the future. After this cost adjustment we will look into the playing environment and plan to adjust costs at irregular intervals in the future accordingly.
After this cost adjustment we will look into the playing environment and plan to adjust costs at irregular intervals in the future accordingly.

We look forward to your continued support of WBSC eBASEBALL™: POWER PROS.