Costa Rica 100th Anniversary Cup!

Next week is the Costa Rica 100th Anniversary Cup!

Do you know the history of baseball federations?
In fact, baseball federations in many countries have been in existence for decades, some of them for more than 100 years!
From the four options below, which federation has the longest history?

①Baseball Federation of Japan(BFJ)
③Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball (FIBS)
④Costa Rica Baseball Federation (FCB)

The answer to this quiz will be posted on the official Konami X-account “@pawa_puro_pro”!

We look forward to your participation next week!

【Costa Rica 100th Anniversary Cup Details】

Date: Monday, 18 December - Sunday, 24 December (JST)
Cost: 100 (Pitchers: 80, Fielders: 80)
Crown Stadium
Lock-on 0-3

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