How to Play

Team Building Tips

You can create your own original team in Custom Mode.
We've made some big adjustments to the player cost system this time around.
Make the best team you can that meets the cost limits of each tournament!


Cost shows the overall strength of each character. There are 16 levels of cost, from 0~15. Each tournament has a maximum cost, so make sure to not go over it.

Team Building Tips

"There are so many players I want to use, but I keep going over cost."
"I keep using the same players, and now they're exhausted."
Do you keep facing these kinds of problems? Here are 3 points to remember when you're struggling with team composition!

Spend a little more on your pitchers!

Pitchers are divided into three roles: starting, middle and closer.
If, for example, you swap in a starting pitcher mid-game, their stats will suffer. Pitcher type is important, so make sure to include several relief pitchers in your team.
Also, remember your pitchers will get fatigued. Any pitcher who pitches for a while in a single game will need to rest for 3~4 games afterwards, so you want at least 5 starting pitchers on your team.

Start with important positions.

Balance your players’ points between batting and fielding. Players who can do everything are more expensive, so first fill your second base, shortstop and center fielder, which are important fielding slots. These positions handle the ball a lot, so weak fielders struggle in them. Important fielder stats are FIELDING and RUN SPEED. These two stats have a huge impact on fielding. Depending on the position, ARM STR and CATCHING can also be vital.
After that, consider your own play style and decide whether to focus on fielding or batting for each position to strike the right balance of offense and defense.

Use players who excel in a single area!

Players with high stats will always cost more. But some players who are only high in a single area are much cheaper.
Players who excel in power or speed make great pinch hitters and pinch runners. You can also sub in players specialized in specific positions. If you plan things right, you can use low cost players for winning strategies!