Konami Group Welcome Ceremony
for 2020 Prospective Employees

October 7, 2019 17:30


KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION held a welcome ceremony for prospective employees who will begin their careers at the Konami Group in April 2020 at its headquarters (Minato-ku, Tokyo) on October 1st, 2019.

At the ceremony, KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION introduced its corporate philosophy, and gave an encouraging message to the prospective employees on behalf of the Konami Group by saying, "The Konami Group will celebrate its 52nd anniversary when you join the company in April 2020. We believe the energy of young employees like you will propel the group toward further growth in coming years. We hope you will explore new challenges during the rest of the school year, and look forward to seeing you all at the initiation ceremony to be held in April 2020."

After the message, each prospective employee received an official certificate of employment, then the representative of the prospective employees read out the "declaration of determination," a statement of what will be achieved after joining the company.

The ceremony was followed by a social gathering where the prospective employees had a pleasant talk with the executives and heads of each business and production department in the Konami Group.

Starting in April 2020, the prospective employees will demonstrate their youthful energy and talent as members of the Konami Group.

"Konami Group Welcome Ceremony for 2020 Prospective Employees" in progress