KONAMI Holds "Kids Dancing Class" to Help Promote Healthy Living for Children in Disaster-Affected Areas
The Konami Group makes continued efforts towards the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake affected areas

August 28, 2016


In an effort to continuously support the reconstruction of the affected areas by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, the Konami Group is conducting a special program dubbed: "Kids Dancing Class" in Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture, starting August 28th, 2016.

The Konami Group has engaged in a range of assistance efforts to support the reconstruction of the affected areas, such as donations (one hundred million yen), healthcare management carried out through our IT systems, conducting exercise classes, and annual support through donations collected from all the Konami Group employees. Starting this July, we began to offer exercise programs for seniors (in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture) for the prevention of various disorders, such as disuse syndrome, and locomotive syndrome.

This promotion "Kids Dancing class" will draw from the wealth and experience of Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. (a group company engaged in the Health & Fitness business), which has been operating dancing classes for children at its nationwide facilities called "Dancing Stars".* Through the program, we provide a chance for children to discover the sheer joy of moving their body to the music, in the hope of encouraging the importance of exercise. By utilizing donations collected from all the Konami Group employees running the program, the entire group strives to support the promotion of healthy living for children. We also plan to hold an event featuring athletes affiliated with the Konami Sports Club Gymnastics and Swimming Teams in the near feature.

As a good corporate citizen, the Konami Group will continue to conduct CSR activities, with the goal of contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

[Overview of the Kids Dancing Class]

Date Sunday, August 28th, 2016*the first session of the program
Schedule To be held once per two months (until July, 2017)
Venue Rikuzentakata Rainbow House (112-7, Takata-cho Naruishi, Rikuzentakata-shi) Held at the Wakuwaku Kosodate Kenkouzukuri Seminar
Program Dancing lessons for preschool children from 4 to 6 years of age
Organizer Blooming TAKATA *
Cooperators Konami Group Shain-kai and Konami Sports Club Kitakami

Mr. Moriyama (Chief Pediatrician, Iwate Prefectural Ofunato Hospital), Blooming TAKATA, noted:
"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Konami Group’s support for the program. I cannot wait to see children enjoying exercises at the Kids Dancing Class. I will try to support the health of children by continuing such activities".

Children cheerfully enjoying dancing with a smile

* About Blooming TAKATA

On January 21st, 2016, Blooming TAKATA was established in collaboration between pediatricians and dentists. The organization conducts an array of activities such as dissemination of accurate knowledge about child-rearing and development of the environment surrounding children, with the goal of promoting the healthy growth of children in the region. Blooming TAKATA is comprised of a variety of members engaged in child-related fields, including pediatricians and dentists, and conducts businesses that support children’s well-being.

*Konami Sports Clubs’ Dancing Class for Children, "Dancing Stars"

"Dancing Stars" is a dance class directed towards children from infants to high school students. While enabling children to learn how enjoyable it is to dance in tune with the music as well as express themselves, the class offers them an opportunity to develop aspirations and cooperation through team practices and dance recitals so that they can learn the importance of following rules and manners, and that of peers. Its top team named “J.B.STAR,” whose members are selected through competitive auditions, demonstrates its credentials on the world stage, such as being each year a higher-ranked winner at the WORLD HIPHOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP held in the U.S. every August.

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