KONAMI Nippon Series 2013 Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Takes the Champions' Flag, and the KONAMI Fans' Choice Award is Presented to Masahiro Tanaka

November 3, 2013


KONAMI CORPORATION presented the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013 Champions' Flag on Sunday, November 3rd to Senichi Hoshino, manager of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, the team that was victorious in this year's championship to decide Japan's top professional baseball team – the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013. (Organizer: Nippon Professional Baseball [below, NPB], Sponsor: KONAMI CORPORATION.)

The KONAMI Nippon Series 2013 was brought to a close in an exciting, high-tension game between Yomiuri Giants (participating team from the Central League) and Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (participating team from the Pacific League), in which the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles emerged the victor. In the award ceremony, following the presentation of the Champions' Flag, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles player Masahiro Tanaka was given the KONAMI Fans' Choice Award, having received the most fan votes as the player that demonstrated the most exhilarating plays throughout the series.

The KONAMI Fans' Choice Award was originally instituted by NPB as a means to make the KONAMI Nippon Series even more enjoyable, both for dedicated pro baseball fans and for everyone else watching from across the nation. This year's award was the third in a row. Voting for the award was conducted through the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013 special website, as well as in-game voting within the Professional Baseball Dream Nine social media content series and the "BASEBALL HEROES 2013" arcade game, enabling fans nationwide to participate and succeeding in deepening the ties between professional baseball and its fans.

The Konami Group will continue to utilize a broad range of opportunities to support the growth and development of baseball.

[Presentation of the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013 Champions' Flag]

The Champions' Flag being presented to Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles manager Senichi Hoshino
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles unfurling the Champions' Flag
Right:Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Senior Director Kazuhiko Uehara
Left:Masahiro Tanaka (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles) received KONAMI Fans' Choice Award -Most thrilling player-

[Winners of Awards from Other Baseball Content Titles]

Ginji (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles) received PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU Award -Batter responsible for the most powerful plays-
Manabu Mima (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles) received Professional Baseball Spirits Award -Pitcher who showed the most "spirit" in his performance
Kazuya Fujita (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles) received Professional Baseball Dream Nine Award -Player who most inspired ambition in people-
Yoshiyuki Kamei (Yomiuri Giants) received BASEBALL HEROES Award -Player whose sensational performance most rocked the tournament-

*Each award is decided by a special judges' committee formed from the staff behind the various KONAMI baseball content titles, under NPB approval.