Donations Received for the Great East Japan Earthquake as of August 2011

September 14, 2011


Konami Group has been collecting donations to aid reconstruction efforts of areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake through various business activities. The total amount of donations collected was 12,981,134 yen as of August 31st. The Donations are sent to the Japanese Red Cross Society on a timely basis. We sincerely thank you for your contributions.

[Main Sources of Donations]
- Proceeds from charity items purchased with PASELI, KONAMI's e-money service for arcade games
- Proceeds from sales of the "KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Revival Badge."
- Proceeds from charity contents for KONAMI’s flagship game series "LOVEPLUS"
- Proceeds from Konami Sports Club events and charity products
- Donations collected at KONAMI STYLE Tokyo Midtown, KONAMI CARDGAME STATION, and
  other stores operated by Konami Group

We express our sincerest gratitude for your understanding of our mission and to those who have donated for the cause, and we also pray for the early recovery of the devastated areas.

Konami Group will continue to collect donations and periodically post the total amount received on our website.

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