KONAMI Baseball Team Wins the "25th ITS Baseball Championship" The first team ever to win three consecutive championships!

November 8, 2010


The KONAMI Baseball Team entered in the “25th ITS Baseball Championship” which started on Saturday, September 18th, 2010, and became the first team ever to win three consecutive championships.

The ITS Baseball Championship is a once in a year event hosted by the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association.

343 teams, formed by member organizations to the association, entered in the games and put on an exciting show of games until the final match.

The Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association is a health insurance union that includes over 6,000 companies*, including leading companies in the IT industry, insuring more than 300,000 people*.

The KONAMI Baseball Team won its fourth ever win and its third consecutive championship this year to gain a spot for the “Nikkan Sports Tokyo Union Health Insurance Baseball Cup Tournament” scheduled for next year.

*As of September 2010

Award Ceremony
KONAMI Baseball Team