Raise of Base-salary for the Third Consecutive Fiscal Year
and Raise of Starting Salary for New Graduates to 300,000JPY/Month

April 8, 2024 15:00


With the aim of stabilizing the income of our employees and creating a satisfying working environment, Konami Group will raise its Japan domestic group companies' regular employees' base-salary for the third consecutive fiscal year starting March 2025.
In addition, the initial base-salary for new recruits will be 300,000JPY*, an increase from the current starting salary of 295,000JPY.
Konami Group's compensation is composed of base-salary, bonuses and incentives (monetary awards and distributions based on contribution).

In the 50 some years since our founding in 1969, Konami Group has engaged in creating new forms of fun by globally providing innovative products and services that capture the era's crest of the wave.
The source of our competitiveness in creating these products and services lies in our human resources itself, and we intend to continue to generate innovation driven by our diverse human resources.
This will be our third raise of base-salary continuing from our previous fiscal years (fiscal year ending March 2023 and 2024). We will stabilize the income of our employees and create a satisfying working environment by conducting continuous raise in base-salary.

Looking five to ten years ahead into the future, Konami Group is committed to achieving sustainable growth by securing diverse human resources, maximizing the abilities of our employees and creating a satisfying working environment.


: March 2025
Applies to
: Japan domestic group companies' regular employees
Amount of Raise on Base-salary
: Base-salary+5,000JPY/Month (+60,000JPY/Year)
*Not applicable to some Japan domestic group companies/job classification.
  • Information is current as of the release date and are subject to change without notice.