Konami Group to Open an esports Themed CAFe&BAR "STROPSe"
Exclusive Original Drink Menu Developed by Smart Drinking Co., Ltd.

February 21, 2024 14:00


Smart Drinking Co., Ltd.

On February 26, Konami Group will open an esports themed CAFe&BAR "STROPSe" on the street level of Konami Creative Center Ginza located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Konami Group hopes to bring esports closer to people through its contents. "STROPSe" will be unveiled as a chance to achieve this goal by creating a place for people to gather around food and drinks.

The interior combines modern tastes, including French brick walls inspired from good old brick town of Ginza, with digital expression using videos. The esports area comes with a variety of device including a 200-inch screen installed on the stage in the center of the audience. The system is combined with "esports GINZA studio" on the upper floor of the same building, making it possible to enjoy esports streaming and public viewing accompanied with food and drinks.
Various events utilizing Konami Group titles will be planned out to propose new ways to enjoy esports.


Original Drink Menu for "STROPSe" is developed by bartenders of "SUMADORI-BAR," a bar run by Smart Drinking Co., Ltd., Asahi Breweries, Ltd.'s subsidiary. These drinks can be enjoyed by both esports players and spectators.

The Signature Cocktail "STROPSe" is a spectacular sparkling cocktail inspired by the location; Ginza. Based on the concept of "Smart Drinking (Sumadori),"* customers can order beverages with 0% or 3% alcohol based on their preferences in a manner suited to their health characteristics and situation. The Original Drink "OSHI," meaning Superfan or Favorite in Japanese, is inspired by esports players and comes in six colors to create a sense of unity between athletes and their supporters. We aim to maximize the experience value at "STROPSe," communicate its appeal, and further expand awareness of esports by providing "Original Drinks that make esports even more enjoyable."

Konami Group and Asahi Group will work together to provide new value that transcends industry boundaries and contribute to the development of esports.

*"Smart Drinking" promotes product and service development, environment fostering that expand the range of options for ways to enjoy "drinking" under various circumstances. It aims at realizing a society that better embraces diversity in drinking styles that include people who choose to drink or not drink alcohol, people who can or cannot drink alcohol, and people who make the choice to abstain from alcohol.

Original Drinks:

sparkling cocktail
inspired by the
location; Ginza.
Energy drink-based
beverage available in
6 different colors.
Sour and stimulus
cocktail of Umeboshi,
pickled plum, and lemon.
Bright colored
blueberry cocktail
pleasing to the eye.
Basic Information:
Store Name
1-11-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Tuesday to Friday:
11AM – 9PM
(Final Call: Foods 8PM, Drinks 8:30PM)

Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday:
11AM – 7PM
(Final Call: Foods 6PM, Drinks 6:30PM)
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