Konami Group Listed as "Sports Yell Company 2024" for
Encouraging Employees' Sports Participation

February 13, 2024 9:00


KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION has been listed as "Sports Yell Company 2024" by the Japan Sports Agency for actively promoting and supporting its employees' sports participation to improve their health. This is the second and consecutive year for KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION to be listed. (Konami Sports Co., Ltd. has marked 5 consecutive years of listing this year.)

Konami Group engages in health and labor measures under the policy of "improving the foundations of the working environment through Health and Productivity Management that improves physical and mental conditions to maximize work performance."
Health promotion activities includes walkathon and other exercise promotion events operated in collaboration with Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association* (one of Japan's largest comprehensive health insurance association) company-wide bulletins aimed at improving employee health literacy, as well as subsidizing the use of Konami Sports Clubs.

Group Companies obtaining this Certification together with KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION include:

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Konami Amusement Co., Ltd.
Konami Gaming, Inc. Japan branch
Konami Business Expert Co., Ltd.

*Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association composes of 7,354 member companies and 655,491 insured employees (as of the end of December 2023.) The Association is currently chaired by KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION's Representative Director, President.

"Sports Yell Company 2024" Certificate
"Sports Yell Company 2024" Logo

Konami Group will continue to promote "Health and Productivity Management" practice aimed at creating a healthy and vibrant workplace for its employees.