KONAMI Announces Outline of esports Complex
Scheduled to Open in New Business Base

September 12, 2019 11:30


As announced at Tokyo Game Show 2019 today, the Konami Group will establish an esports complex within its new business base that is being constructed called the "Konami Creative Center Ginza (hereafter "KCC GINZA")." The complex will consist mainly of a streaming studio for esports competitions, along with a school that aims to foster esports-related human resources and a hands-on showroom.
The Konami Group will strive to contribute to the further growth of the esports industry, based in this esports complex that will bring together esports-related people and information all under one roof.

The "esports GINZA studio" is a streaming studio that will be fully equipped with devices best suited for esports. The studio will serve as the venue for esports competitions where videos can be streamed to various video media outlets, allowing for versatility as a public studio. The studio will be installed with equipment that can simultaneously stream video in multiple languages and integrate CG into live-action footage, making it an entertainment venue for music and theater, in addition to esports.

The "esports GINZA school" aims to foster a diverse array of human resources that are necessary for the further development of esports, including players, live commentators and management and operating staff for competitions. By drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise that the Konami Group has gained through its esports competitions around the globe, as well as its support for esports players, the school will develop professionals who will play an active role in the esports business.

The "esports GINZA store" is a hands-on showroom specializing in esports, offering many types of esports-related products, such as original PCs and peripherals specifically designed for esports, as well as video streaming equipment.
By leveraging its location facing the Ginza street, the store aims to be a place where anyone can drop by to experience the wonder of esports.

In addition, Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Ichinomiya, Aichi), a Konami Group company engaged in design, production and sales of amusement machines, will enter the business of producing and selling gaming PCs and peripherals.
Konami Amusement will strive to offer the best gaming devices for players who want to compete at the highest level of esports, by tapping into a rich abundance of knowledge amassed over a decade of developing amusement machines.

The esports complex is scheduled to open in early 2020. With the establishment of "KCC GINZA" as its new business base, the Konami Group will continue contributing to the further expansion and stimulation of esports in Japan, through its variety of products and services.

【Conceptual rendering of the esports complex】

esports GINZA studio
esports GINZA school (Practical room)

esports GINZA school (Lecture room)
esports GINZA store

【About Konami Group’s esports initiatives】

esports, a term that denotes games played as sporting competitions, has been growing in popularity primarily in overseas markets, and has also continued to show robust growth in Japan. The Konami Group has held World Championships for the Winning Eleven series and the "Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME" since 2001 and 2003, respectively. For the domestic market, it launched the Japanese Championship for the Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu series in 2016. In addition, it has held the official esports tournament for arcade games dubbed "KONAMI Arcade Championship" since 2011.