2018 Konami Group Initiation Ceremony

April 2, 2018 18:00


KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION held an Initiation Ceremony at the Konami Group headquarters (Minato-ku, Tokyo) to welcome new employees on April 2nd, 2018.

At the ceremony, KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION gave a message to the newly-hired employees on behalf of the Konami Group by saying, "The Konami Group celebrates its 50th fiscal year since being founded. We attribute our growth and development to this date to our ability to continuously change ourselves by accurately responding to the needs of the times in this ever-changing environment. We, therefore, encourage you all to begin with building a firm foundation, and take life one day at a time with high hopes in your hearts. We greatly look forward to your growth and success."

The ceremony marked the freshly-encouraged new employees' first step forward as responsible members of society.

2018 Konami Group Initiation Ceremony in Progress