Seven Years on: In Remembrance of the
Great East Japan Earthquake
The Konami Group Reconstruction Support for the Affected Areas in FY 2017

March 11, 2018 14:46


This day marked the 7th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake that devastated areas in and around the Tohoku region. We grieve deeply for all those who lost their lives and offer our heartfelt sympathies to those who are still affected by the aftermath.

In an effort to contribute to the early restoration of the affected areas, the Konami Group has continued to provide support through its business activities.

For instance, our employee association called the Konami Group Shain-kai has offered various programs by utilizing donations collected from the Konami Group employees, such as our "Exercise Program for Seniors" (Kesennuma, Miyagi/Ofunato, Iwate) for the prevention of various disorders in seniors, including disuse syndrome and locomotive syndrome, and "Family Exercise Class" (Kesennuma, Miyagi), drawing on the expertise gained from the operation of "Undo-jyuku" class for children offered at Konami Sports Clubs.

"Exercise Program for Seniors" held since FY 2016 (left) and "Family Exercise Class" newly began in FY 2017 (right)

Participants in the "Exercise Program for Seniors" reported that they were pleased to see improvements in parts of their bodies that were in worse condition before, thanks to the kind instructors who showed them how to effectively use their muscles. They also remarked that they would like to teach the exercises learned from the program to their friends, because some of their friends living in public housing are reluctant to go out and have fewer opportunities to move their bodies. Children who participated in the "Family Exercise Class" enthusiastically responded that they enjoyed the experience, and would like to participate again. The parents remarked that the class provided a valuable opportunity for their children to exercise and play together, because open spaces that can accommodate physical activity are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

The Konami Group will continue to engage in a range of assistance efforts to support the reconstruction of the affected areas.

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