KONAMI Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Event:
"Cheering Everyone Up" Takes Place
Attended by Athletes from the Konami Sports Club Gymnastics Team, Including the Gold Medalists Ryohei Kato and Yusuke Tanaka - Enjoying Interaction with Children

February 18, 2017


The Konami Group held a special event dubbed KONAMI Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Event: "Cheering Everyone Up" in Kesennuma city, Miyagi Prefecture on Saturday, February 18, 2017. The event was held as a part of our relief efforts for the affected areas in the Tohoku region, utilizing donations collected from all the Konami Group employees. In attendance were athletes who have been active at competitions both in Japan and abroad, including the gold medalists Ryohei Kato and Yusuke Tanaka, director and coaches from the Konami Sports Club Gymnastics Team. They enjoyed interacting with one hundred children through various programs, such as an exercise class, a talk show, mini games, and a ceremonial photo session, while providing a chance for children to discover the sheer joy of gymnastics, while moving their body.

Kato (pictured left) and Tanaka (pictured right) who gently teach children how to move their body

The event was filled with big smiles from children whose remarks included: "I was happy to see the athletes, " and "I have come to be able to do well by being taught in an easy-to-understand manner. " Tanaka and Kato extended their greetings to all those who attended by sharing their experiences of the visit to Kesennuma city with all the other team members on the day before the event (17th) by saying, "I have once again realized how serious the impact of the disaster was and how hard it is to reconstruct the affected areas. I will work hard to offer encouragement and inspiration to everyone through our performance, " and "we were given courage by seeing big smiles on the children’s faces and the locals doing well. "

The Konami Group has engaged in a range of assistance efforts to support the reconstruction of the affected areas, such as donations (one hundred million yen), healthcare management carried out through our IT systems, conducting exercise classes, and annual support through donations collected from all the Konami Group employees. In 2016, we initiated the "Exercise Program for Seniors " (in Kesennuma) and a "Kids Dancing Class " (in Rikuzentakata) under the theme of "Cheering Everyone Up. " By drawing on previously established expertise in our business activities, we continue to offer support for the reconstruction and further development of the affected areas through such programs.

<Overview of the KONAMI Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Event: " Cheering Everyone Up" >

Event Name KONAMI Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Event: "Cheering Everyone Up"
Schedule 10 a.m. to Noon Saturday, February 18, 2017
Venue Kesennuma City General Gymnasium
Address: 44-180 Akaiwamakisawa, Kesennuma, Miyagi
The Program Includes: An exercise class for kids conducted by the Konami Sports Club Gymnastics Team, mini games, a talk show event with the medalists, and a ceremonial photo session
Athletes (Seven Members):
Yusuke Tanaka, Masataka Aoyama, Shotaro Shirai, Sho Yokoyama, Minori Koyama, Ryohei Kato and Yoshiaki Furutani
Director & Coaches (Four Members):
Director: Kato, Coaches: Moriizumi, Sato and Sekiguchi
Organizers Konami Group Shain-kai and Kesennuma City Board of Education
Cooperators Kesennuma City Sports Association, Kesennuma City Gymnastics Association and Konami Sports Club

<About the Konami Sports Club Gymnastics Team>
Based in the Konami Sports Club Gymnastic Team’s dedicated gymnasium (Soka, Saitama), team members who have accomplished a number of achievements at competitions both in Japan and abroad, including Captain Yamamuro, Sub-captain Tanaka, Shirai, and the gold medalist Kato, make continued efforts to develop their skills through daily training with the goal of achieving excellent results. In addition to their daily training, each member also participates in exercise classes and events to convey the joy and pleasure of exercise through teaching gymnastics. Mainly led by Director Kato who has instructed a number of athletes representing Japan and Head Coach Moriizumi, the coaching staff members strive to train and instruct athletes who will be able to represent the future of the sport. The team currently consists of nine athletes, one director, one head coach and two coaches (as of February 2017).

Konami Sports Club Athletes’ Website

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