Sponsoring the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013 Vote for the Player Who Energizes You the Most for the "KONAMI Fans' Choice Award"!

September 25, 2013


KONAMI CORPORATION is proud to announce that it will be the sponsor of the Nippon Series (hosted by Nippon Professional Baseball [below, NPB]), the championship to determine the top professional baseball team in Japan. Under the official title of the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013, this marks our third consecutive year of sponsorship. The first game of the series will be held on Saturday, October 26 at the home stadium of whichever team wins the Pacific League.

Series Logo
Official Name
KONAMI Nippon Series 2013

The KONAMI Fans' Choice Award, in which fans vote to decide which player energized them the most, is just one of the ways that the KONAMI Nippon Series will continue to strengthen bonds between players and fans this year. Votes will be accepted throughout the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013 via both internet and KONAMI social media content such as the Professional Baseball Dream Nine series, making voting available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Other awards based on the various KONAMI baseball content series will also be in place, all adding to the excitement of the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013.

The Professional Baseball Dream Nine series and its fellow KONAMI game titles including "JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU 2013" and "PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS 2013," arcade game machine "Baseball Heroes 2013," and PC/smartphone content "BASEBALL ALL-STARS 2013," will also host in-game events to give fans extra ways to enjoy the KONAMI Nippon Series 2013.

Konami Group has always been an active supporter of baseball, aiding its development and popularization through a rich variety of activities as an NPB partner. We pledge to put the full extent of our support behind this year's KONAMI Nippon Series, bringing yet more dreams, passion, and excitement to fans everywhere.

Overview of KONAMI Fans' Choice and Other Award

Award name Awarded to
KONAMI Fans' Choice Award Best overall player who energized fans the most throughout the series (player selected from winning team)
PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU Award Batter who demonstrated the greatest batting expertise
PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS Award Pitcher who demonstrated the most passionate pitching spirit
Professional Baseball Dream Nine Award Player who delivered the most inspiration to fans
Baseball Heroes Award Player who excited fans with the most awe-inspiring single play

* The KONAMI Fans' Choice Award will be presented to the player who gets the most fan votes, and the recipients of other awards will be chosen under NPB approval by a special judgment committee organized by the staff of Konami's baseball content studios.

A Look at the KONAMI Nippon Series 2012

Presentation of last year's KONAMI Fans' Choice Award (Yomiuri Giants, Shinnosuke Abe)
Presentation of last year's KONAMI Fans' Choice Award (Yomiuri Giants, Shinnosuke Abe)