Kagemasa Kozuki, KONAMI CORPORATION Chairman, Awarded Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal

March 6, 2013


KONAMI CORPORATION is proud to report that company Chairman Kagemasa Kozuki was awarded the Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA)* on March 5th.

The Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal is an international award given for maintaining the traditional values of virtue, bravery and integrity. It is bestowed upon only a chosen few individuals worldwide, determined by the EBA’s expert selection team in recognition of the most highly meritorious achievements.

Konami Group has unfurled its digital entertainment business across the globe, particularly in Japan, Europe, the U.S., and Asia. In Europe, regional offices established in England, Germany, France and Spain continually provide top-quality digital entertainment across the continent. This award has been given in honor of Mr. Kozuki’s distinguished achievements in global business expansion to date.

Regarding this award, EBA chief executive Paul Briggs remarked, “ The EBA is overjoyed to be given this chance to award the Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal for such exceptional global business achievements as have been demonstrated by Mr. Kagemasa Kozuki.”

Mr. Kozuki also spoke regarding the award, saying, “We have always striven to provide products and services to bring joy to people around the world, and to have received this award in the process is a great honor. We are proud to continue working as a company that can answer to the high hopes our customers and society place upon us.”

Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal

Kagemasa Kozuki, Awards to Date:

Medal of Honor with Dark Blue Ribbon
Trade and Industry Minister’s Prize (Personal Award for Special Contribution to the Advancement of Informatization)
Person of Cultural Merit to Hy go Prefecture

Honorary Doctorate from Osaka Electro-Communication University
Medal of Honor with Blue Ribbon
Medal of Honor with Dark Blue Ribbon
Honorary Doctorate from University of Nevada Las Vegas
Order of the Rising Sun, 3rd Class

*The EBA has instituted its range of awards in recognition of work by Europe’s business leaders that contributes to the unification of Europe and/or furthers the economic, scientific and cultural development of society. The Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal is one of these international awards established by the EBA.