Notice Concerning Change of Representative Director

June 29, 2011


KONAMI CORPORATION hereby announces that, pursuant to the resolution adopted at the Board of Directors meeting held today, on June 29, 2011, the following personnel change of Representative Directors shall be made as set out below:

1. Reasons for the Personnel Change
In order to further improve our business performance, we will strengthen our management structure.

2. Personnel Change of Representative Directors (Appointment Date: June 29, 2011)

New Position Name Former Position
Representative Director Takuya Kozuki Director
Director and Adviser Noriaki Yamaguchi Representative Director

3. Profile of the Representative Director to be newly appointed

Name (Date of Birth) Takuya Kozuki (May 19, 1971)
Business Experience
November 1997
Director, Vice President,
Konami Computer Entertainment America, Inc
October 2001
Director, President, Konami Corporation of America
October 2002
Director, Chairman, Konami Computer Entertainment Hawaii, Inc. and Director, Chairman, Konami Corporation of America
June 2009
June 2011
Representative Director
Number of KONAMI CORPORATION shares owned as of March 31, 2011 14,736