Strengthening Business-Academic Alliance to Train Personnel Konami Sports & Life Ex- President Toshimitsu Oishi to Teach at Osaka Electro-Communication University

March 23, 2010


Mr. Toshimitsu Oishi, former president and representative director of Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd., will take up a new post in April 2010 as a professor at Osaka Electro-Communication University in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Health and Sports Science.

As society ages, health awareness is on the rise, and needs for health-related services are becoming more diverse. To keep up with these changes in the social environment, training personnel to support that field has become an urgent task.

The Konami Group carries out business such as exercise instruction at its sports clubs and the development and production of health-related equipment, and by way of a business-academic alliance with Osaka Electro-Communication University since July 2007, it is carrying out efforts aimed at “the training of personnel to perform health maintenance and control” and “the development of health-related equipment.” In addition, it dispatches Konami creators as guest lecturers to the university and holds special seminars, for example, as part of its efforts to aid in training the personnel who will shoulder the information society of the next generation.

The Konami Group will continue engaging in activities that contribute to society such as cooperating with personnel training and various kinds of technology development by strengthening its business-academic alliances.

Profile of Mr. Toshimitsu Oishi

1987.6 Joined Konami Industry Co., Ltd. (now: Konami Corporation)
2005.4 Konami Sports Co., Ltd. (now: Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd.) Corporate Officer, Executive Officer of Product and Service Development
2005.6 Konami Sports Co., Ltd. (now: Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd.) President, Representative Director
2010.1 Combi Wellness Corporation, Representative Director
<Industry Groups, etc.>
2007.12 FIA (Fitness Industry Association of Japan) Vice-chairman

While part of the Konami Group, Mr. O-ishi worked on the development of machines with network functions such as the IT health care system "e-XAX."

(Notes) Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd.
Founded:1973. Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo. Representative:President, Representative Director Fumiaki Tanaka Overview:Operation of sports clubs; planning, production, and sale of health-related equipment and supplements

Mr. O-ishi's Efforts Upon Becoming a Professor

⋅Strengthen training of personnel related to sports and health care
⋅Research and develop health maintenance machines
⋅Strengthen alliance with Konami Sports & Life (Practical training, internships, job placement, development of various equipment, etc.)

<Overview of Konami Corporation>
Founded: 1973. Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo. Representative: President, Representative Director Kagemasa Kozuki Overview: Pure holding company of the Konami Group, which is engaged in the digital entertainment business, health and fitness service business, and gaming & systems business

<Overview of Osaka Electro-Communication University>
Founded: 1943. Campuses : (1)Neyagawa school (2)Shijonawate school. Representative: President Kuniya Fukuda
Overview: A comprehensive university in the engineering field, it has the first faculty of Biomedical Engineering in Japan. As a pioneer in Japan in the biomedical engineering field, it was one of the first to work on developing health care systems and medical and welfare equipment, leading to the establishment of what is now the Department of Health and Sports Science.