Five Years on: In Remembrance of the Great East Japan Earthquake

March 11, 2016


This day marked the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake that devastated areas in and around the Tohoku region.
We grieve deeply for all those who lost their lives and offer our heartfelt sympathies to those who are still affected by the aftermath.

As a means to express our sympathy for the victims, the Konami Group flew flags at half-staff throughout the day and observed a minute of silence at 2:46PM; the time of the earthquake. In addition, in an effort to contribute to the early restoration of the affected areas, the Konami Group has continued to provide donations collected from all its staff throughout the country.

The Konami Group will continue to engage in a range of assistance efforts to support the reconstruction of the affected areas.

Minute of silence observed at the time of the earthquake
Flags were flown at half-staff at all offices nationwide