Konami Group Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts

KONAMI extends its deepest condolences for all those who have lost their lives in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and sends its sincerest sympathies to those who have been affected.

The Konami Group has conducted the below activities in contribution to the reconstruction of the affected areas, as well as instituted the below power saving measures to cope with insufficient supplies of electricity.

We express our sincerest gratitude for your understanding and cooperation toward our various activities, and pray for the early recovery of the devastated areas.

Donations for Disaster Relief Fund

The Konami Group made donations of 100 million yen through the Central Community Chest of Japan.

In addition, 31,151,476 yen has been made from Konami Group employees through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Various Activities to Support Reconstruction Efforts

The Konami Group is supporting the reconstruction of afflicted areas through its business activities.

[Konami Digital Entertainment]
- Collecting donations to aid reconstruction efforts
- Donation of 1,000 copies of the "GA-KO and KEROTAN" educational picture books via the Japan Toy Association
- Sales of charity items that can be purchased with KONAMI's e-money service, PASELI,
  and posting of encouraging illustrations on homepages

[Konami Sports & Life]
- Exercise guidance at evacuation centers by Konami Sports Club staff
- Allowing people to bathe, etc., at Konami Sports & Life facilities located in the afflicted areas
- Collecting donations at various events held at Konami Sports Clubs

Power Saving Measures

The Konami Group implemented "power saving work shift" as one of the voluntary power saving measures to cope with insufficient supplies of electricity.

The Konami Group also implemented measures to save electricity by turning off outdoor advertising signs, adjusting air conditioning temperatures, and limiting nonessential usage of power in offices, such as lighting, at Konami Group facilities located within the service territories of both the Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tohoku Electric Power Company. Employees have also received manuals on power saving in order to promote understanding of the necessity of conservative energy measures at home and the office, and the steps by which to implement them.