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relocation process

Are there any internships at KONAMI ?
We do not offer any internships at this moment. However, we will put the information on our website when internships become available.
How does the recruitment process go?
How long does it take to get an offer?
The basic information on our recruitment process can be found here. Usually, offers are made within 6-8weeks from beginning of the process.
Are all positions for permanent employees?
Yes, every position we put here is permanent (full time) position.
Why is KONAMI looking for global talents?
Game Industry has become huge in the global market recent years.
As non-Japanese game companies have started to produce more popular and entertaining games, our challenge is to create best games which entertains people all over the world.
To accomplish our challenge, we believe that having global talents who have unique background, skills and ideas in our team is a must.
How many employees are from the countries/regions outside of Japan?
At this moment, there are nearly 40 employees in KONAMI Japan from the countries/regions outside of Japan.
This is not many but, each one of them are the key person in the studios contributing to great titles.
Do I need Japanese language skills to apply for KONAMI?
Japanese language skills are not required although having the skills won't hurt.
We have had employees who never used Japanese before joining KONAMI.
Through Japanese lessons we provide and communications within the team, most of the employees get used to the language quickly.
We also have bilingual staffs at each studio to support non-Japanese speakers with basic operations
What kind of supports and benefits does KONAMI provide?
You can find out supports and benefit we offer from here.