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By responding sensitively to the latest trends and consistently taking on new challenges, Konami Group has been an endless source of creativity and innovation since its establishment in 1969. In the business areas of "entertainment" and "health," we have provided customers with a diverse range of products and services through four segments: the Digital Entertainment Business, the Sports Business, the Gaming & Systems Business, and the Amusement Business. Through continuing its legacy of tirelessly taking on challenges, the Konami Group will realize new possibilities by expanding our reach over an even wider area to provide people around the globe with dreams and everyday excitement.

Digital Entertainment Segment (Japan, Americas, Europe, Asia)
We produce a wide range of products including mobile games,
computer and video games and card games to provide
enjoyment to customers worldwide.
Net Revenues: JPY 115 billion
  • KONAMI Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Gaming & Systems Business (Americas, Australia)
We design, manufacture, sell and service
gaming machines and casino management
systems in the globally expanding gaming market.
Net Revenues: JPY 34.3 billion
  • KONAMI Gaming,Inc.
  • KONAMI Australia Pty Ltd

Amusement Business (Japan)
We handle all business aspects related to
arcade games, pachinko and pachislot machines from
design and production to sales.
Net Revenues: JPY 29.8 billion
  • Konami Amusement Co., Ltd.
  • KPE, Inc.
Sports Business (Japan)
We operate health and fitness clubs to offer health and
care prevention services to the customers.
Net Revenues: JPY 71.3 billion
  • Konami Sports Co., Ltd.

*Changed the corporation name on 3.31.2019