• Wii U
  • Virtual Console™
Chew Man Fu is an original action puzzle game in which a monk sends his two apprentices Rin Rin and Ran Ran to a sacred tower that has been overtaken by the mysterious sorcerer Chew-man-fu.
The player must push and pull four colored balls on to the matching colored tiles. There are evil enemies inside the tower that will try to block your way but you can kick the balls to beat the enemies or break the walls.
You can beat the round by placing all the balls in the correct tiles without getting hit by the enemies and then proceed to the next round.
There are also other modes to keep you entertained. They include the “Kick ball” mode, a two player versus mode and the “Edit” mode which allows you to create your own stages.
Platform Wii U™Virtual Console™
Release Date
Wii U™
Wii U™
Players 2 players simultaneous

Comic Mischief

Country United States (English)