SILENT HILL 2 remake releases October 8th; Pre-Orders Start Today for KONAMI's Intense Psychological Horror Masterpiece

31.05.2024 08:00


Second SILENT HILL Transmission livestream shows off extended SILENT HILL 2 gameplay, uncovers behind-the-scenes look at upcoming film, and more!

  • SILENT HILL 2 Transmission livestream showcases 13-minutes of gameplay.  
  • “RETURN TO SILENT HILL” – Film Director Christophe Gans provides behind-the-scenes look at the film’s production. 
  • SILENT HILL: The Short Message – Hits over 2.5 million downloads on PlayStation®5

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. (KONAMI) today announced SILENT HILL 2, the anticipated remake of the 2001 psychological horror will release on PlayStation®5 and PC via STEAM® on October 8th. Players eager to secure their copy can pre-order digital and physical editions for SILENT HILL 2 starting today. Exclusive digital bonus content is included in the pre-order versions of the Standard and Deluxe editions of SILENT HILL 2, with full details listed on the official website:  


All the content and information released today can be found below, with accompanying video links included: 



The second installment of the SILENT HILL Transmission livestream showcases extended gameplay footage of SILENT HILL 2, a guided behind-the-scenes look into the film adaption of Silent Hill 2, RETURN TO SILENT HILL with Director, Christophe Gans along with more exciting franchise news.

SILENT HILL 2 | Release Date Trailer: [VIDEO LINK]


KONAMI featured in Sony’s latest State of Play with a brand-new trailer. As James sinks deeper into the fog of Silent Hill, he meets a familiar face: Angela.

SILENT HILL 2 | Gameplay trailer: [VIDEO LINK]


Experience the guilt, grief and existential horror of James Sunderland as he explores the town of Silent Hill – the special place he and his late wife Mary used to visit –a symbolic backdrop now shrouded in fog. The remake expands the areas players can explore, introduces an over-the-shoulder view, revamps the combat  

system, and adds new cut-scenes to give new and returning players different ways to experience the game. What awaits in the shrouded alleyways and corridors of Silent Hill?

SILENT HILL 2 | Cast interview: [VIDEO LINK]

SILENT HILL 2 | Bloober Team Dev Diaries: [VIDEO LINK]


Luke Roberts (James) and Salóme Gunnarsdóttir (Mary/ Maria) get into the minds of the characters they portray in SILENT HILL 2 and discuss how they brought these complex individuals to life. Plus, a message from the development team of Bloober Team was shared during today’s Transmission.

RETURN TO SILENT HILL | Behind-the-scenes Early Sneak Peek: [VIDEO LINK]


In 2022, film writer-director and producer Christophe Gans revealed working on “RETURN TO SILENT HILL” as his next film. During today’s Transmission, Gans spoke at length about his personal return to the project and together with producer Victor Hadida, shared a behind-the-scenes look of the making of the film.

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A tale of darkness, silence, deformed monsters, love and sorrow…​ 

A psychological horror series whose first title was released on PlayStation® in 1999. The film has been highly acclaimed in many fields for its gripping terror and unique worldview, with many fans around the world.


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