The Phantom Limb Project Documentary

18.05.2016 17:00

A BBC documentary showcasing the Metal Gear Solid-inspired “Phantom Limb Project” is now available to watch online! Read on for more info…

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, released in September last year, sees the player control protagonist Big Boss (aka Snake) – a legendary soldier with a range of deadly abilities and sophisticated weaponry at his disposal. His iconic prosthetic arm is one such asset, which boasts a variety of abilities; it can stun enemies, emit sonar, and even double up as a rocket-propelled missile!

This bionic arm inspired “The Phantom Limb Project”, which set out to create a real life prosthetic limb that is modelled on Snake’s own… aesthetically at least (rocket functionality wouldn’t quite align with health & safety rules)! Artist Sophie De Oliviera Barata designed this fantastic prosthetic arm, whilst its chosen beneficiary is amputee James Young. The prosthetic was shown off at the last BDYHAX bodyhacking and biohacking convention in Austin, Texas (which you can read more about here).

Now, a BBC documentary on The Phantom Limb Project is available to watch, and promises to offer greater insight into this ambitious project, and how the prosthetic limb has been designed for optimal compatibility with James’s own preferences and requirements.

The documentary is available for all UK residents on BBC iPlayer here, and to global audiences on YouTube here.

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