Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked

  • PlayStation®5
  • PS4®
  • Nintendo Switch™
  • PC
  • Steam®
Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked is an electrifying 3-game classic revival collection where players relive the nostalgic side scrolling game experience.

Become the iconic Sparkster (the opossum knight) where the legendary character battles an army of robots, pigs, and takes on a variety of bosses. Use different maneuvers to fight your enemies with powerful attacks. Through heroic efforts and countless battles, Sparkster is on the quest to save the princess at all costs.
Players will be able to experience key features such as :

3 games within the franchise are available

Rocket Knight Adventures
SPARKSTER Rocket Knight Adventures

2 new non-gameplay modes

1. Museum & 2. Music Player

Boss Rush, can jump right to the boss fight immediately
Save game (progression) at any time
Rewind feature, rewind game for short time (5 seconds max)
Variety of display settings (different screen sizes to play the game in)
Platforms PlayStation®5PlayStation®4Nintendo Switch™PCSteam®
Release Date

COUNTRY / REGION Europe (English)