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It has been 1,000 years since the first leader of the Getsu clan defeated the demon lord Ryūkotsuki, driving the demons back into the Underworld, and restoring order to the world of man. The Getsu clan has since faithfully watched over the forces of evil to maintain that balance. But when Ryūkotsuki abruptly returns, and all hell quite literally breaks loose, it falls unto a new hero to rise up against the demonic threat. Wield an otherworldly arsenal and powers of the Getsu clan, descending into the depths of Hell to uncover mysteries surrounding the origin of the demonic invasion.

Game Summary:

GetsuFumaDen combines intense roguevania 2D action with a stunning dark fantasy world, brought to life through the stroke of traditional Japanese art. Descend into the underworld while mastering a variety of unique weapons and equipment combinations. Perfect your hits and timing to unleash bursts of other-worldly powers. While death is not the end, the world of Hell lives and breathes, presenting new layouts and challenges to overcome with each attempt.

Key Features:

・Highly strategic action based on the unique spacing and timing aspects of Japanese martial arts

・8 beautiful and harrowing Ukiyo-e style stages

・Fearsome bosses immersing players into the sublime world of GetsuFumaDen

・A diverse range of weapons that can be paired to suit a variety of playstyles

Platforms Nintendo Switch™PCSteam®
Release Date

COUNTRY / REGION Europe (English)