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SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE takes inspiration from the popularity of Super Bomberman R, bringing back the 8 Bomber Brothers and others as a 64-player, online Battle Royale.


As Bomberman returns with the gameplay that has made the franchise a party game classic – blast through battlefields, find hidden power-ups and use them to blow away foes – the action in SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE erupts to new heights with the “Battle 64” mode. Delivering an original Battle Royale experience, up to 64 players are spread across 16 starting battlefields. As levels are cleared and players are whittled down, the number of battlefields continue to shrink until the ultimate final battle to be the last bomber standing.


SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE brings more than 100 customisable feature combinations, including numerous costumes, accessories and for the first time, bomb skins – affecting both the bomb and the blast itself. Players can further discern themselves with the optional Premium Pack, giving access to 14 additional characters that pay homage to classic KONAMI IP’s such as Gradius, Silent Hill, Castlevania and more!


While anyone in the world can jump into a “Battle 64” room, the Premium Pack allows players to create their own private Room Match with rulesets that include “Battle 64” mode, “Standard” mode with up to 16 players or “Grand Prix”. Grand Prix divides players into two teams of up to 3v3 to compete in earning points, with the highest total points after the two battle rounds wins.



    ・"Battle 64" mode – a unique Bomberman Battle Royale experience for up to 64 players, free-to-play!

    ・New “Battle Pass” system – Silver Pass, free for all players, and Gold Pass, optionally available for in-game currency; both of which providing new cosmetic items as you play

    ・Greater customisation – collect various character outfits, accessories and, for the first time, bomb skins!

    ・Over 20 playable characters – including KONAMI IP favourites, such as Simon Belmont and Pyramid Head

    ・Additional game modes including “Standard”, “Grand Prix” and Private Matches via the optional Premium Pack

    ・Cross-play support – play online against users on all supported platforms

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COUNTRY / REGION Europe (English)