The World

London, 2075, a time where serious crimes can be predicted,
thanks to an analytical programme developed using data harvested online.
The result: a 90% drop in such criminal activity across the globe.
Until, that is, the system predicts a crime that could irrevocably plunge the world into chaos.
This alarming discovery leaves the system's architects little choice but to act.
They pour their resources into developing an AI
whose sole purpose is to investigate and prevent this apocalyptic crime.

Sherlock. Named after the legendary enigmatic detective of fiction,
this AI's raison d'être is investigation.
He alone has the ability to unravel the truth from a twisted web of mysteries.
And like the spider that sits motionless in the centre of its web,
he awaits the arrival of the only prey equal to his abilities—Moriarty, a criminal mastermind.

The Characters

    「AI」Providing the player with support.

  • Sherlock


    An AI whose purpose is to prevent the criminal mastermind AI—Moriarty—from executing his devious plot to murder. Take control of the simulator's "avatars", and uncover Moriarty's "target" along with the avatar tasked with committing the foul deed, the "villain."

  • Moriarty


    Moriarty will attempt to predict the perfect moment to murder an avatar, while Sherlock will do everything in his power to save the one marked for murder, the "target." Though Sherlock has full command of the avatars' movements in the simulator, so too does Moriarty, who won't hesitate to make his "pawns" do his bidding. Only the "target" may elude Moriarty's control.

「Pawn」The 3 types of avatars in the simulator:
the "target,"" the villain," and standard avatars.

The "target" of Moriarty's plot and the one Sherlock must save. This avatar is chosen at random from among all avatars at the start of each game. Should the target be killed, Moriarty wins.
The avatar chosen to kill the target. This avatar is chosen at random from among all avatars at the start of each game. Should the villain be discovered, Sherlock wins.
An avatar who is neither the target nor the villain.

How to Commit Murder

Rule 1
The villain is in possession of a weapon.
Rule 2
The villain and the target are in the same area.
Rule 3
No other avatars are present in the same room.

Victory Conditions

Murder: when the villain kills the target.
Should the following conditions be met, the villain will kill the target, and the player conspiring with Moriarty wins.
  • The villain possesses a weapon.
  • The villain is in same area as target.
  • No standard avatars are in the room and within line of sight.
The target must survive until help arrives.
If the "target" is able to survive until the turn of the morning of the 4th day (of the game), the game will move to the final deduction phase, and one of the following possible outcomes will occur.
  • The villain is unmasked, and Sherlock's co-investigator player wins.
  • The villain is not unmasked, and the game is a draw.
  • If there are multiple players investigating on Sherlock's side, the results of the final deduction phase will be revealed according to all players' deductions.
Naming the villain.
You may name the villain before help arrives. If the villain's identity is revealed, the investigating player on Sherlock's side wins.

The UI