Room Settings

Room Options

Private Room Tick this box if you wish to limit the room to only your friends.

By clicking this option, your room won't be included in Quick Room matchmaking and won't be displayed in the list of public rooms.

To join, your friends will need to know the room ID and enter it in the search field.
Preferred AI Settings You can also select which AI team you would prefer to play as: Sherlock or Moriarty.

If there are more players present than available team slots, teams will be assigned at random.
Start match automatically when room is full. When set to "ON", the room's automatic countdown will start when the room is full.

If someone isn't ready yet, you can cancel the automatic countdown. However, this will start a separate, final countdown; when it reaches zero, the match begins, regardless of players' statuses.

Quick Rooms automatically have this setting switched on.

When switched off, the room's automatic countdown will not start when the room is full, and neither will the final countdown timer.

Room Screen

Player List This is a list of players in the room.

You can adjust the room size (how many players) by clicking on the + and - buttons to the right edge of the player box.

The host player also has the ability to kick players from the room.
Preferred AI Settings In the room options, you can select whether you want to allow players to choose their preferred side.

This allows players to select the AI team they want to be on in the next match.
Display Room ID This displays the Room ID.

Players will need the Room ID to enter a private room. Please share the ID shown with the players you wish to join.

There is no room password, so for those streaming their private room matches online, be careful not to reveal the room ID to the public.
Match Settings Open a dialogue box from where you can change various match settings.

For more details, please see the Game Settings page.
Online Manual Open Online Manual in browser.