Items and Interactive Objects

There are a number of points of interest in the manor.

These are signified by beacons of light. Search these to acquire various items such as food or weapons.

(For more details on food and weapons, please see "Items Found at Points of Interest" at the bottom of this page.)

The Color of Points of Interest

Green-highlighted points of interest provide food items, whereas red-highlighted points of interest contain weapons.

Moriarty is aware of all the locations where food and weapons can be found.
Sherlock begins the match with knowledge of 2 locations where food can be found. Knowledge of food locations differs from player to player.

Orange locations contain an unidentified item.

Items Found at Points of Interest

A weapon is something which Moriarty's villain must obtain to commit their foul murder.
Weapons may differ in appearance, but all work the same way.
Food Removes the "hunger" status ailment after use.

When a pawn is in possession of food at the end of a night turn, they will automatically consume it.

You have the option to make the pawn consume the food item before the evening arrives by selecting "Use on Self" at any time. However, without an additional food item they will still become hungry after the night turn.

You can also choose to "Use on Another" and remove the "hunger" status from another pawn in the same area as the pawn carrying the food item.

If there is more than one hungry pawn in the same area, a random pawn will the be chosen to receive and consume the food item.
Medicine Removes the "injury" status ailment after use.

You can also choose to "Use on Another" to heal another pawn and remove their "injury" status. If there is more than one injured pawn in the same area, a random pawn will the be chosen to receive and consume the medicine item.
Tear Gas Spray Using this will release tear gas into the surrounding area for a period of time.

Remaining in this area will cause a pawn to receive the "injury" status ailment, which can only be removed by consuming medicine.

However, travelling through an area filled with gas from a tear gas spray will not cause injury to a pawn.
Interactive Objects
Secret Passage Within the manor you may find a secret passage.

If you find information on a secret passage, the location of the passage will flash blue and can be unlocked.

Once the wall switch is activated, the wall will give way to a new and readily available passage.

Such passages can provide an extra route for pawns to escape a pursuing villain. However, a villain now has an alternate route to pursue a target through.
Notation A notation indicating an item's location.
When you find one of these, the location of another food ration or weapon will be revealed to you.
Fuse Box Fuse boxes control the electricity to the manor. If a fuse box is tampered with by a Moriarty pawn, the lights in the manor will go out.

Once a fuse box is tampered with, it will take until the next round for the lights to go out, so use the light for the remainder of the round wisely.

When lights go out, vision is diminished. Being in the same room as the villain will not be enough to prevent the murder.

To prevent a murder when the lights are out, a third party will need to be in the same area as the target.

Electricity is automatically restored after 2 turns, if you choose to wait it out. However, if you can find a second fuse box, you can use it to restore the lights there and then.

And if you are able to get to a fuse box before Moriarty does, you can safeguard the device against any future attempts to tamper with it.
Gas Leak Gas leaks can occur inside rooms in the manor, changing the status of any pawn within to "injured". In this case, medicine is needed to remove the injury.

Rooms filled with gas can be made safe again by finding and repairing the burst gas pipe, closing the gas leak.
Wild Dog On rare occasions, wild dogs driven mad by starvation can enter the manor.

These dogs will indiscriminately attack any pawn within 3 areas of it.

Pawns attacked by a wild dog will sustain an injury and need medicine to recover.

You may choose to outrun the wild dog, or attack and incapacitate it before it runs amok in the manor.