Game Flow

Flow of a Single Turn

Command Phase In this phase, each player gives their commands to selected pawns.

When all player commands are chosen or the time limit ends, the action phase begins.
Action Phase In the action phase, the pawns perform the actions selected for them by the players.

Pawns will perform their actions according to the action order set out in the basic rules.

Cursor Avatar Indicators
The cursor avatars for other players are shown either after you enter your command in the command phase or during the action phase.

You can change the option to display cursor avatars ON or OFF in Settings.

After time passes, it's on to the next turn...

Rejoining Matches after a Disconnect
If you disconnect from the game during a match, you will automatically rejoin the match once you reconnect.

A player still in the room will take over for you while you are absent, and the number of commandable pawns―among other rules―will be automatically adjusted.

If you are playing as Moriarty when you are disconnected, the AI will take over for you.

Note that you can only rejoin a match at the start of the next command phase, meaning that if you reconnect, you may need to wait until the start of the next command phase until you can rejoin.

Flow of a Single Day

Sherlock's Deductions
Pawns will now eat.
On to the next morning...

If you reach the morning of the 4th day ( a maximum of 10 turns pass)

Help will arrive and final deductions will be made...