Camera Controls

  Mouse Controls Keyboard Controls
Move Camera Drag left A or ←: Move camera left
S or ↓: Move camera down
D or →: Move camera right
W or ↑: Move camera up
Rotate Camera Drag right  
Zoom Camera In/Out Scroll wheel  

Pawn Controls

You can select a pawn by either clicking on it on the map, or clicking a pawn's image in the action order to the upper right.
When a pawn is selected, the areas they can move to will be highlighted in green or red.

Clicking a highlighted area will move the pawn to that area.

If you choose to move a pawn to an area highlighted in red, the pawn with become fatigued, and on its next round will not be able to move 3 areas.

*Reminder: Only the Moriarty player can force a fatigued Pawn to move 3 areas. When moving a Pawn 3 areas, it will be revealed as a command from Moriarty and other players will know that Pawn is not the target.

Points of interest can be searched by selecting the magnifying glass icon or search command.
Points of interest may reveal fuse boxes or hidden passages.

These cannot be used when you first discover them, but are available for later use.
This is the command given to the villain to murder the target.

It can be selected when the Moriarty player selects the villain if they are in possession of a weapon, and the target is within their movement range.

The villain will chase after the target as long as they stay within movement range.

However, when performing the "Assail" command, the villain's action is performed last in the action order, and the villain's identity will be revealed to Sherlock.

This command can be selected even when a witness is present or the murder can be prevented, and if you fail at murdering the target it will be the final turn of the match.

It's also important to note that if the target moves outside of the movement range of the villain, the villain will move as close to the target as possible.

Lastly, it's not necessary to issue the assail command to kill the target. If all the necessary conditions are met to commit the murder, the villain will automatically kill the target.
To cancel a current command, right-click it after selecting the commanded pawn.
You can also cancel commands by pressing the ✕ button in the upper-right action order, or selecting the commanded pawn one more time.

View Suspects

Select a pawn, then press the TAB key or middle click.

If a pawn has the potential to kill a particular pawn, that pawn will have an arrow (→) pointing out from them.

TAB Key or middle click

An arrow (→) indicates all the pawns that might be the villain.

Character Introduction

To view the command times for other players or character descriptions for pawns, use keys F1 to F6.

F1 Introducing Agatha
F2 Introducing Berkeley
F3 Introducing Catherine
F4 Introducing Dorothy
F5 Introducing Ellery
F6 Introducing Freeman