Working with Other Investigators


Pings are a way for you to share information about your intended actions with other players.

Right-click to open up the Communication menu and click the relevant icon.

"I'll control this pawn" and "I'll search this point of interest" are just a couple of examples of information you can share.

At the same time, the other players can also ping your comments to say whether they agree or disagree with your intended action.

Moriarty-side Pings

In 2-vs-2 matches, Moriarty and Irene's pings are only visible to their side.

Pings You Can Use

Command This is a ping used when alerting other players as to the pawn you wish to command.

Hover the cursor over the pawn and right-click to ping.
Search This ping can be used to tell other players you wish to search a particular point of interest.
Gather This ping allows you to explain to your fellow players that you want a number of pawns to gather in a certain location.
Danger This ping is useful for alerting players to an area or avatar that you think is particularly dangerous.
Moving This ping is used to tell the other players that you intend to move a pawn to a specific location.

When used in combination with the Command ping, you can also specify which pawn you intend to move there.


Stamps are a way for you to express how you feel.

If you feel the same way as another player, for example, you can click on another player's stamp, or the same stamp as someone else just expressed.

If you wish to turn other players' stamps off, you can do so in Options by going to the "Other Player's Stamp Display".


You can mute players by clicking on the signal icon next to a player's name.

Muting a player will mute that player's pings, as well as prevent that player from seeing your pings.

When playing on Sherlock's side, all players will benefit from the sharing and receiving of information on the match's events; however, Moriarty's side is also privy to that information and will benefit from it too.

If you deduce who the Moriarty player is, you should go ahead and mute that player.

Moriarty Collaborator Suspect

You can share your opinion on who you think the Moriarty player is by using the voting feature.

The player that receives the most votes will be the one most suspected of being Moriarty's collaborator. Unless you suspect you are being deceived by this voting pattern, it is wise to mute that player.