Character Introduction

  • Agatha

    A good-natured and kind woman.

    She has a laid-back personality and is unreceptive to getting attention from others. Because of this, she has disappointed several men in her life.
    She is not very suspicious of people, and has almost been scammed a few times.
    She has a love of stuffed animals, and has bought so many that she no longer has space to put them in her room. Despite this, she can't bear the idea of throwing any away. Her favourite stuffed animal is a teddy bear. She seems to have a preference for realistic style stuffed animals. She also collects perfumes as a hobby.

  • Berkeley

    He has a personality that is as large and bold as his body.

    He is a big eater, and although he will claim to be picky about taste he will eat anything regardless of how good it is. He can be a bit boorish but is not violent, and he is very loyal.
    He understands that Freeman is annoyed, but thinks it's only because he is hungry. He doesn't realize that it's his own attitude that irritates Freeman.
    His need to satisfy his constant hunger has turned him into a good cook.
    His favourite dish is ratatouille, which is easy to make in large quantities.
    He also has an unparalleled love for cats.

  • Catherine

    A cheerful woman who always has a positive outlook, believing that even mistakes can be turned into something good.

    Her tendency to move about without worry doesn't always keep her out of trouble, but she still enjoys herself regardless. Her aloof attitude can be a nuisance for others, however. She gets along well with Dorothy, who is able to get really invested into things.
    While not very mechanically inclined, she likes to play games and is top-ranked in online FPS games. Not many people know that she has a fear of heights, making her averse to roller coasters and bungee jumping.

  • Dorothy

    She is a highly ambitious woman, which may be why she loves sports.

    Ideally she would love to have a full set of gym equipment at home, but is held back by a lack of finances. With a strong focus on self improvement, she doesn't have much of an opinion in regard to others around her.
    She sometimes gets into trouble together with Catherine, but she keeps a positive attitude.
    Her hobbies include embroidery and watching horror movies. She also has an interest in martial arts and is a certified karate instructor.

  • Ellery

    A caring and energetic boy.

    He has a strong sense of responsibility and tries to solve problems in a positive manner.
    He is still quite innocent, and he is somewhat uncomfortable when talking to women.
    For some reason, he seems to be particularly nervous around Agatha.
    He is a big fan of J-Pop.
    Composing music also seems to be a hobby of his.
    He has a doctorate in physics.

  • Freeman

    He is calm, cool, and proud.

    He is confident in his abilities and has no interest in how others perceive him, and doesn't care if people talk about him behind his back. However he doesn't get along well with Berkeley, who has his own way of not caring about other people's opinions.
    His favourite food is cheesecake.
    He owns a golden retriever.
    He enjoys riding motorcycles, though he often causes accidents.