How to Start a Game

How to Start a Game

Select "Play" on the Home screen.

How to Start a Match

(If you prefer not to jump into a competitive match right away, you can always practise on your own in a training session.)

There are four ways to begin a match.

Quick Match The simplest way to jump into a match is to choose "Quick Match".

Select "Any room size" to open up matchmaking to include all types of player room sizes.

If you specify your preferred room size and a room matching your selected size is available, then you'll be matched to that room. If you can't find a room, you can always create your own.

In the event no rooms are available after choosing "any room size", a 2 player room will be created.
Create Room This is the menu for creating your own room.

You can set your own rules before creating the room.

Take a look at each room setting for a detailed description of what each one does.
Room Selection This is how you can join a currently open public room.

You can join any room shown as being "open".

Make sure to confirm the room's size and rules before joining it.
Search by ID You can also enter a room's ID and join it directly.

To join rooms that are set as private, you need to enter its ID from the menu.


You can replay the game's tutorial and learn the basic controls.

It's a great way to learn some tips on how to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Solo Training

You can play a training match in solo mode where the AIs Sherlock and Moriarty go head to head.