CRIMESIGHT’s Closed Beta Test Play Video and Screenshot Sharing Guidelines

CRIMESIGHT’s Closed Beta Test Play Video and Screenshot Sharing Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines”) set forth the terms and conditions, which are applicable when you post videos etc. (including screenshots, as detailed below) of you playing the game software, CRIMESIGHT’s closed beta test versions (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Game”) on the Internet (including live streaming; hereinafter the same shall apply).
You may post videos of you playing the Game, provided that you follow these Guidelines.
You do not need to contact us separately if you post videos of you playing the Game in accordance with these Guidelines.

To whom do these Guidelines apply?

These Guidelines apply to individual customers participating in the Game’s closed beta test. These Guidelines will not apply to corporate and other group customers.

Types of Play Videos to Post

You may post videos and screenshots (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Play Videos”) of the Game played by players, including yourself, in accordance with these Guidelines (videos and screenshots taken while you are not playing personally are not covered by these Guidelines).
You may not post Play Videos that contain any elements that we have not published, including the results of modifications and analysis.

Editing Play Videos

You may post edited or processed Play Videos, provided that you comply with the following conditions:

  • Do not extract only some elements contained in the Game, such as background music or character images.
  • Do not infringe any third-party rights by processing or editing Play Videos.
  • Otherwise, do not over-edit or over-process Play Videos so as not to hinder proper understanding of the content of the Game.

Sites where you can post

You can post Play Videos to Discord. You can also post Play Videos to the following sites only for the purpose of sharing those posted Play Videos on Discord.

Twitch / Twitter / YouTube

Prohibitions when posting Play Videos

When posting Play Videos, you are prohibited from doing any of the activities below. Regardless of whether or not you engage in any of these prohibited activities, please delete your post promptly upon our request.

  • Posting for commercial purposes.
  • Using Play Videos for promoting and advertising other goods, services, or companies.
  • Posting for the purpose of defamation or antisocial behavior.
  • Posting for the purpose of religious or political activities.
  • Including content that is offensive to public order and morals, or combining Play Videos with illegal information.
  • Posting videos created by third parties other than you without permission.

Other provisions

  • We will not compensate you for any damage suffered by you as a result of posting your Play Videos in accordance with these Guidelines.
  • We do not respond to queries about the interpretation of these Guidelines.
  • These Guidelines will be updated from time to time without notice. Please check the latest version each time you post a video.