New "Busou Shinki" Game Announced, Marking Start of
New Project Based on "Busou Shinki" Series


Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that it will be developing a new "Busou Shinki" game for its latest project based on the Busou Shinki series.

"Busou Shinki" first appeared as a line of action figures in 2006. Since then, the series has received acclaim for its unique character designs provided by famous artists that allow fans to customize their favorite female robots (Shinki) with futuristic armaments (Busou). This popularity led to the development of various games and anime series.

The new Busou Shinki series project will focus on developing the brand through various media and merchandise including a manga series published by KADOKAWA CORPORATION, as well as character goods and scale models. The latter will be produced in collaboration with KOTOBUKIYA Co., Ltd. under their exclusive "Megami Device" label, a line of female action figures/model kits that can be equipped with interchangeable weapons and armor.

Further details will be announced on the official website at a later date.

"Busou Shinki" official site

KONAMI will continue releasing content on a variety of different platforms and bring the joy of its products to ever more customers.

"Busou Shinki" teaser image released in December 2017


Creators involved as of February 2018 (no particular order)

Fumikane Shimada, BLADE, Yoshinori Shizuma, Naohiro Washio, E-ji Komatsu, Kurogin (DIGS), Ark Performance

* Other creators will be revealed on the official homepage soon.

language :日本語/English