Announcing a New Evolution in the Tokimeki Memorial Series
Mobile Title “Tokimeki Idol” goes Live this Winter!-- Preregistration Begins Today --


KONAMI is proud to announce that its new mobile title “Tokimeki Idol” will go live this winter. The company would also like to announce that the game’s official site launched today and commenced preregistration for the game.

The mobile title “Tokimeki Idol” is an idol school sim in which you spend days with fifteen idol candidates, each with her own unique personality, as you try to help them achieve their dream of reaching the big stage. This title is a new evolution in the Tokimeki Memorial series, which debuted in 1994 and went on to become synonymous with the dating sim genre. The main idea revolves around the “tokimeki” or excitement that can be experienced by spending your days with the school’s aspiring idols. The part of the game is play-able using mobile VR goggles, so please enjoy both mobile and VR mode!

At Tokyo Game Show 2017, which begins on Thursday, September 21, KONAMI will invite the voice casts who sing and do voice overs for the “Tokimeki Idol “characters to make an appearance. This onstage event is scheduled for Sunday, September 24 at the company’s booth.

KONAMI will continue to work hard to bring the company’s content to an ever expanding number of customers via all manner of devices and playing styles.

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Product Information

Title Tokimeki Idol
Release date This Winter
Genre Idol School Sim
Platform App Store / Google Play
Price Free to play (contains in-app purchases)
Copyright information ©Konami Digital Entertainment
Official website

language :日本語/English