KONAMI’s soccer games
- Agreement with Diego Maradona through 2020 -

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. announces that Diego Maradona, the former professional soccer player for the national team of Argentina, has signed an agreement with KONAMI for appearance in KONAMI games through 2020.

Konami has been releasing its popular soccer game series, "Pro Evolution Soccer", featuring over 10,000 real soccer players in the latest version, PES 2017. Total sales have risen to 96 million (as of end March 2017) since its initial release in 1995. Along with "Pro Evolution Soccer", KONAMI has rolled out new games such as the smartphone game "PES COLLECTION" and "PES CLUB MANAGER". Now, Konami plans to feature Diego Maradona in its soccer games. Further details will be announced on the games’ official websites.

Konami will continue to develop and distribute soccer games to provide enjoyment and exciting game experiences throughout the world.

language :日本語/English