Konami Digital Entertainment and SEGA Interactive
Announce Joint Multi-Electronic Money Service for Amusement Machines- Combines Various Electronic Moneys and PASELI into One System and Device Set -

"In Development (artist’s impression)"

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. announces a multi-electronic money service for amusement machines ("this service") that will be co-developed with SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd*1.

This service is a solution that combines electronic money for transportation such as Suica, electronic money such as Edy, nanaco, WAON, iD, and QUICPay, and the PASELI*2 proprietary amusement machines electronic money into one system and set of payment devices. (Service start times for iD and QUICPay are TBD.)

In addition to utilizing existing amusement center network infrastructure, such as e-AMUSEMENT and ALL.Net, and thus not requiring dedicated lines, this service is built based on Thincacloud,a cloud payment platform provided by TF PAYMENT SERVICE CO., LTD.*3. By using TOPPAN FORMS’s*4 multi-electronic money devices, which are compatible with Thincacloud, we expect to be able to keep introduction costs to a minimum.

This service will be test-launched at select locations beginning this fall and is then scheduled to be rolled out to amusement centers nationwide.

Through this amusement machines multi-electronic money service, KONAMI and SEGA will continue to promote building environments where amusement center patrons can enjoy arcade games more easily.

  • *1SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd. (Ota Ward, Tokyo, CEO Yukio Sugino) is a company within the SEGA SAMMY Group that specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of arcade game machines. SEGA Interactive is well known for providing top-quality arcade entertainment thanks to a combination of groundbreaking ideas and the development skill to make them a reality.
    Official website: sega-interactive.co.jp
  • *2"PASELI" is an electronic money operated by Konami Digital Entertainment. In addition to allowing users to play games without the need for coins, it provides access to special PASELI-exclusive game modes and other content. By accessing game community website "eAMUSEMENT," users can also use the PASELI they have added to their account to purchase items for use in-game.
    Official website: paseli.konami.jp
  • *3TF PAYMENT SERVICE CO., LTD. (Minato, Tokyo, Managing Director Toshiro Masuda) offers electronic money services as well as continually evolving cloud-based services within Japan, including electronic money payment operations involving primarily the cloud payment platform Thincacloud; support of regional economies through regional points/money; electronic money solutions operations; and NFC solutions operations.
  • *4TOPPAN FORMS (Minato, Tokyo, Managing Director Koichi Sakata) is an information management solutions company that optimizes client information transfer based on technology and expertise cultivated in areas such as business forms and data printing services. It is engaged in a variety of operations revolving around information, such as the blending of printed materials and e-documents, information media such as RFID and IC, and the development of products utilizing printed electronics technology.

Thincacloud is a registered trademark of TF PAYMENT SERVICE CO., LTD.

Kitaca is a registered trademark of Hokkaido Railway Company. Suica is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company. PASMO is a registered trademark of Pasmo Co., Ltd. TOICA is a registered trademark of Central Japan Railway Company. Manaca is a registered trademark of Nagoya Transportation Development Organization Co., Ltd. and MIC Co., Ltd. ICOCA is a registered trademark of West Japan Railway Company. SUGOCA is a registered trademark of Kyushu Railway Company. Nimoca is a registered trademark of Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. Hayakaken is a registered trademark of the Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau.

Edy is a prepaid electronic money service of the Rakuten Group. Nanaco is a registered trademark of Seven Card Service Co., Ltd. WAON is a registered trademark of AEON Co., Ltd. iD is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, Inc. QUICPay is a registered trademark of JCB Co., Ltd. ALL.Net is a registered trademark of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates.

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