Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is a leading, international digital entertainment company that publishes video games for game consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile games. The company’s popular franchises include Metal Gear Solid, Pro Evolution Soccer, Silent Hill, DanceDanceRevolution and Castlevania, among other top titles. Konami also manufactures the wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, which has sold more than 25 billion cards worldwide. We are looking for talented people that have a passion for gaming and the skills and experience listed below.

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. El Segundo, CA

  • Brand Manager

    Konami Digital Entertainment is seeking a Brand Manager to support the Director of Marketing and Licensing in ensuring that brands are accurately positioned, promoted, sold into the retail / digital channels, and ultimately sold thru to achieve forecasts and revenue goals. The position will assume ownership of assigned projects and be responsible for developing and executing all marketing strategies.  This includes development of the product marketing strategy, creative strategy, overall demand generation, budget creation, research, sales support plan and day-to-day execution of the marketing plan. This position requires close collaboration with functional departments (product development, Sales, PR, Finance, Operations, Business development, etc.) to ensure timely and effective delivery of marketing strategies.  Position will have high visibility with external partners and first-party publishers on licensed products, as well as interaction with members of the executive staff.  Ideal candidate will have a strong background in the interactive games industry with a passion for entertainment and technology. Must be both a creative and analytical thinker, have strong problem solving skills and the ability to manage multiple products throughout the product life cycle.  Must be able to manage strategic relationships, conduct/gather research and produce dynamic communication tools with a global viewpoint.



    • Work with the Director of Marketing and Licensing, product development, cross-functional team and external agencies to develop detailed marketing and promotion plans for all strategies, promotions and product launches.  This includes development of comprehensive marketing plans & strategies, as well as detailed follow-thru on their execution months prior to product launch. -> “Go To Market Plans”
    • Schedule and conduct positioning, launch planning, and roll-out meetings with Director of Marketing and Licensing, product development, and external agencies.  Maintain detailed assignment checklists and ensure deadlines are communicated to all individual departments.
    • Provide product/promotion information to the appropriate teams involved on each assigned project through marketing plans/promotional calendars, and distribute/update as needed.
    • Work with Director of Marketing & Licensing, product development, and external agencies to ensure that all marketing materials (marketing assets, ad creative, online marketing etc.) are developed to support marketing plans and sales goals, and are completed on time and within budget.
    • Review new technology and competitive products for each assigned title.  Identify strengths and weaknesses based on these reviews and make recommendations that will be reflected both in feedback to product development as well as to external agencies.
    • Participate in the development of the marketing budget for each Konami Brand that is overseen.  Ensure that efforts undertaken throughout the year comply with approved individual product budgets.
    • Assist in the greenlight process and title/IP evaluation for incoming IP via acquisition, internal development and beyond.
    • Must be fluent and comfortable with analytics – Forecasting and competitive analysis will be required with focus on historical sales trending analysis and a keen sense of market dynamics for recommendations into Sr. Management team.
    • Schedule, assist, and coordinate marketing research needs by participating in focus groups, field research, and implementation of questionnaires or online surveys.  Incorporate key data points from research into all marketing strategies & activities where applicable.
    • Evaluate the results of all marketing plans by soliciting post-mortem feedback from sales, product development, and external agencies.  Shared results will include such items as what worked and what did not, as well as recommendations for future marketing plans surrounding Konami titles.
    • Work closely with product development and brand teams globally to ensure a synchronized strategy for our product releases.
    • Follow through on all external processing including ratings submissions, First Party submissions, etc. within a timely manner to avoid any delays.


    • Successful candidates will have 3-5 years of brand marketing experience in the video games industry with a successful track record of bringing products to market
    • Experience working in console or PC game industries is desired
    • Experience developing brand strategies, conducting market research, implementing marketing plans, managing strategic relationships and product lifecycle management
    • Must have good organizational skills and be very detail oriented
    • Candidates must work well in a fast-paced environment, be flexible, and possess a can-do attitude and able to think two steps ahead
    • Possess excellent project management skills to effectively track multiple deliverables across functional areas and timelines in a fast-paced environment
    • Ability to think creatively, identify problems, and offer solutions
    • Ability to complete assignments within tight and often difficult deadlines
    • Bachelor’s degree required Bilingual in Japanese is a plus!

    DEPARTMENT:   Marketing (Los Angeles, CA)

    REPORTS TO:  Director of Marketing and Licensing


    Please send resumes to

  • Marketing- User Acquisition Specialist

    Job description


    • Develop, manage, and optimize user acquisition/engagement campaigns across mobile platforms through research, and measurement of key KPIs to meet ROI goals.
    • Develop and manage creatives and copies to provide the most effective multi-language marketing activities in our global market by working closely with our in-house creative team, related departments, and partners.
    • Collaborate with related departments to develop and manage other marketing activities such as social marketing, events, and PR.
    • Create and manage a user acquisition funnel by analyzing, planning, and executing app store optimization (ASO).
    • Manage and measure all marketing activities through quantitative/qualitative research and analysis to drive PDCA and provide input on how to improve processes.
    • Manage schedule and budgets to ensure appropriate allocation of resources.
    • Responsible for administrative tasks related to all marketing activities.


    • Ensure games are measured, tagged and tracked correctly, so performance of in-app events can be quantitatively measured and adjusted as needed to meet objectives.
    • Collaborate with our analytics team and production team on implementation and testing.
    • Determine the appropriate methods and a system of metrics for measuring marketing effectiveness.
    • Analyze and investigate marketing KPI data from both performance-based and brand marketing perspectives.
    • Conduct in-depth post-campaign analytics and other ad-hoc analysis. Lead marketing measurement efforts, targeting, segmentation, and media mix modeling.


    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including our international production team to identify opportunities and implement recommendations to drive the success of Konami games.
    • Coordinate with content rights holders as needed to gain approvals of marketing materials or maximize co-marketing opportunities.
    • Take leadership and be passionate about developing and executing new ideas by overcoming challenges in high pressure situations.
    • Report performance of activities such as campaign performance, PR/Event execution, and creative performance to the Senior Marketing Manager.


    • +2 years of mobile game marketing experience
    • Basic understanding of digital marketing tools and BI
    • Must be able to travel as needed
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or a related field
    • A passion for mobile gaming
    • Multi-Language speaker is a plus.

    Please send resumes to

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