In Online Battle mode, you connect to the internet to compete against players from around the world. You can either test your strength in a League Battle, or play a Free Battle, where you choose the game rules and stage yourself.

※ The Team Battle mode is newly available.

  • When playing the Online Battle, we recommend that you hold the Joy-Con™ horizontally, use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or play with the handheld mode.
  • Please do not use the Joy-Con™ Grip or hold both controllers. With this software, doing so may cause the gameplay of all participating players to momentarily stop, not allowing you to play smoothly as you want.
  • Changing the "Network Settings" in "Other" will allow you to find more players with good connections.
  • If you're having trouble with your network connection, you may be able to improve it by attaching the system to the dock and connecting online via a wired LAN or changing the frequency band of the wireless LAN.
  • Please note that if your friend is located in a distant country, there may be lag issues.
  • Even if you are searching for opponents from all around the world, players with insufficient network connection will not be chosen.