Additional Information on eFootball™ League
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We would like to provide some additional information regarding the Phases and rewards in eFootball™ League.

・ Phases
Normally, a new Phase begins every 28 days.
However, note that eFootball™ League will be temporarily suspended between 19/05/2022 and 02/06/2022.
We plan to hold Phase 2 between 02/06/2022 and 16/06/2022 for an exceptional 14-day period after the large-scale maintenance ends.

・ Transitioning Between Phases
Your starting Division in the new Phase is determined according to the highest Division you were able to reach in the previous Phase.
At the end of a Phase, rewards will be awarded according to the highest Division reached. Division 1 Rankings and Ratings will also be reset before a new Phase begins.

・ Rewards
First-Time Promotion Rewards
Rewards given for promoting to a Division for the first time.
When a new Phase begins, you can earn all First-Time Promotion Rewards up to the Division you start in.

Phase Rewards
Rewards given in accordance with the highest Division reached in the previous Phase.

Ranking Rewards
Rewards given in accordance to your Ranking at the end of the previous Phase.