1,000,000,000 eFootball™ Coins on the Line!

eFootball™ International Cup is now underway!
Register your entry by 01/12/2022 to earn 300 eFootball™ Coins!
With national pride on the line, get yourself some awesome rewards by scoring goals and earning points from matches!

About eFootball™ International Cup
This is a nation-based competition in which all users compete against each other in pursuit of national glory.
Users from all participating Countries/Regions will be battling it out against each other in 3 categories. A total of 1 billion eFootball™ Coins will be split amongst users according to the rankings of their Country/Region in each category.
Enter with your own Country/Region and contribute with a goal or a win!

To enter, set your Base Team to one of the eligible Countries/Regions. Your entry is deemed complete and finalised based on your configured Base Team as of the start of the 01/12/2022 maintenance.
Based on your configured Base Team at the time of entry, you will be rewarded with respective "Entry Rewards" and "Ranking Rewards".
After the 01/12/2022 maintenance, your configured Base Team will be deemed as your Country/Region of entry and no further changes can be made.
Note that your entry will not be counted if your Base Team is set to an ineligible national team or a club team.
To configure your Base Team, go to:
[Extras] > [User Information] > [Dream Team] > [Base Team Settings] > [Base Team]
Please see the website for a list of eligible Country/Regions.

Entry Rewards
If you Country/Region of residence and Country/Region of entry fulfil the indicated conditions, you will be presented with 300 eFootball™ Coins during the 08/12/2022 maintenance.
Please see the Official Website for more information.
*To check your Country/Region, go to:
[Extras] > [User Information] > [User Details] > [Country/Region]

Ranking Rewards
Depending on the ranking of your Country/Region of entry in each category, a corresponding number of eFootball™ Coins will be split amongst all participating users from your Country/Region.
Rewards will be given out to all eligible users during the 22/12/2022 maintenance.
Please see the Official Website for more information.

Weekend Showdown
Held between 18/11/2022 - 12/12/2022.
"Weekend Showdown" is an in-game event that takes place during the weekends. The Country/Region rankings are determined by the amount of points accumulated by the top-50 ranked users of each Country/Region.
"Weekend Showdown" is to be held from Fridays to Mondays during 18/11/2022 - 12/12/2022. Please see in-game for more information.
Results reflected in the ranking are based on the Country/Region selected at the time of entry.
Only the latest 15 matches are tallied for ranking.
*Participate by selecting the following in-game:
[Dream Team] > [Match] > [Events]

Goals Galore
Held between 17/11/2022 - 15/12/2022.
Join forces with users from your chosen Country/Region to rise to the top of the goal score rankings.
All goals scored between the end of the 17/11/2022 maintenance and the start of the 15/12/2022 maintenance will be tallied.
All goals scored in matches excluding "Trial Match", "Friend Match" and "Online Quick Match" will be tallied.
Results reflected in the ranking are based on the Country/Region selected at the time of entry.

Overall Ranking
The overall ranking is determined by the Country/Region rankings of all 3 categories.

*The schedule and content are subject to change without prior notice.
*Be sure to claim items from your Inbox before they expire.