Startup Campaign

To celebrate the eFootball™ 2024 kickoff, we will be running a special campaign!
As Login Bonuses, you can earn Chance Deals that can be used to sign Highlight players from 3 official partner clubs, as well as other rewards that can be used for player development.
Take part in the campaign, and get a head start on the new Season of eFootball™ 2024!

Free Chance Deals
You can get rewarded with a Chance Deal by logging into the game after the dates shown below.
Rewarded Chance Deals will be kept in your Inbox from the day you received it until 05/10/2023 01:59 (UTC). Don't forget to claim them.
Round 1: 07/09/2023 02:00 (UTC)
Round 2: 14/09/2023 02:00 (UTC)
Round 3: 21/09/2023 02:00 (UTC)
Round 4: 28/09/2023 02:00 (UTC)
Present Details
"Highlight: Partner Clubs" Chance Deal x1
This Chance Deal can be used to sign a player from the Special Player List that features Highlight players from the 3 official partner clubs: Manchester United, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München.
See the Special Player List for more information.
*Chance Deals will be sent to your Inbox.
*The Chance Deals will expire on 19/10/2023 at 01:59 (UTC).

Free Original Strip
We will be giving out an original Strip during the following period.
21/09/2023 02:00 - 26/10/2023 01:59 (UTC)
Present Details
Strip (eFootball™ 2024 Type - Strike)
*The present will be kept in your Inbox from the day you received it until 09/11/2023 01:59 (UTC).

Special Login Bonus
We're running a login campaign where you can get a maximum of 4 Chance Deals, 120 eFootball™ Coins, 60,000 Exp. and 360,000 GP by logging into the game 7 times during each campaign period.
Period and rewards
11/09/2023 02:00 - 18/09/2023 00:59 (UTC)
Login 1: Chance Deal x1, Login 2 to 7: 30,000 GP
18/09/2023 02:00 - 25/09/2023 00:59 (UTC)
Login 1: Chance Deal x1, Login 2 to 7: Exp. 10,000 Training Program x1
25/09/2023 02:00 - 02/10/2023 00:59 (UTC)
Login 1: Chance Deal x1, Login 2 to 7: 20 eFootball™ Coins
02/10/2023 02:00 - 09/10/2023 00:59 (UTC)
Login 1: Chance Deal x1, Login 2 to 7: 30,000 GP
*The first Login Bonus is a Chance Deal which can be used to sign a player from any of the eligible Special Player Lists that features Epic players, available at the timing of acquisition.
*You can only obtain each login bonus once per day.
*Be sure to claim items from your Inbox before they expire.

Special Tour Event
During the campaign period, there will be a Tour Event where you can earn a "Highlight: Partner Clubs" Chance Deal as reward!
Enter the "Starter" Tour Event and earn awesome rewards!
Accumulate 6,000 points and earn up to 2 Chance Deals, 450,000 GP and 60,000 Exp.!
If you are new to the game, take part in this Event first to familiarise yourself with playing matches!
07/09/2023 02:00 - 05/10/2023 01:59 (UTC)

Special Challenge Event
Golden Goal Rule special Event!
Test your skills and take part in the Golden Goal Challenge Event! The match will end as soon as one side has scored a goal, with the goal-scoring side deemed as the winner. By completing the challenges, you can earn up to 40,000 Exp. in each period.
21/09/2023 02:00 - 28/09/2023 01:59 (UTC)
28/09/2023 02:00 - 05/10/2023 01:59 (UTC)

Campaign Objectives
Time-limited Objectives "Startup" Underway!
Clear all Objectives and earn a maximum of 4 Skill Training Programs, 100 eFootball™ Coins, 120,000 Exp. and 400,000 GP!
07/09/2023 02:00 - 21/09/2023 01:59 (UTC)
21/09/2023 02:00 - 05/10/2023 01:59 (UTC)
*Completed Objectives are tallied individually for each time period.
Eligible Events and Modes:
・ eFootball™ League
・ Tour Event: Starter
・ Themed Events: all Events
Please check each individual Objective for more information on the rewards and the completion conditions.
*Select [Missions] > [Objectives] from the Top Menu to check each Objective.

50% Off on Match Passes
Instead of the full price of 500 and 1,000 eFootball™ Coins, you can unlock the Value Match Pass and the Premium Match Pass for 250 and 500 eFootball™ Coins respectively during the campaign period.
*If you have never unlocked a Match Pass before, the price of the respective Match Passes will be further halved.
07/09/2023 02:00 - 05/10/2023 01:59 (UTC)
*For more information regarding Match Pass, go to [Missions] > [Match Pass] from the Top Menu.

*This campaign may not be available in certain Countries/Regions.
*The schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.