FC Bayern München: Unrivalled Heights

FC Bayern München has become the first team in the history of Europe's top five leagues to win their 10th successive title!
We are holding a commemorative campaign to celebrate this unprecedented feat. Do not miss this chance to sign players from FC Bayern München!

Special Tour Events Underway
We are holding a special Tour Event in which you can get rewarded with FC Bayern München players!
Enter the "FC Bayern München" Tour Event and earn awesome rewards!
Campaign Period
16/06/2022 02:00 - 22/06/2022 01:59 (UTC)
23/06/2022 02:00 - 29/06/2022 01:59 (UTC)
"Standard: FC Bayern München" Chance Deal x1
Currently active FC Bayern München players will make an appearance as "Standard" players!
*Note that the Chance Deal allows you to sign 1 player out of the available players at random.
*Enter the event by selecting [Match - Dream Team] > [Events] from the Top Menu.

Live Update Rating Set to "A"
During the campaign period, all FC Bayern München players will have their Live Update Rating set to "A", which is the highest Rating available.
Add some fabulous talent from FC Bayern München to your team and take advantage of their exceptional condition.
Campaign Period
16/06/2022 02:00 - 30/06/2022 01:59 (UTC)
*Players featuring in this campaign are all Standard and Featured players.

*The schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.
*Exact start and end times may be affected by maintenance.