Season 5 "European Showdown" Kicks off!

Season 5 is now underway! The theme for this Season is "European Showdown".
The heated battles for supremacy only get more intense as the season comes to an end for European leagues and tournaments!
The star players, who have fought bravely to bring their teams to the top, are ready to join your Dream Team.
Now is the time to feel the heat of battle in Dream Team!

About Seasons
In eFootball™ World, "Seasons" will be introduced at regular intervals.
Alluding to the Season's theme, a wide variety of Player Types will be introduced to help create a more immersive footballing landscape. Epic and Highlight pick up some of the best players to have ever laced up a pair of boots, which allow for an even more unique team building experience. Trending players, on the other hand, reflect the standout performance of high-achievers in the real-world fixtures. There will be themed events on offer too, so stay tuned!

Season Duration
11/05/2023 02:00 - 03/08/2023 01:59 (UTC)

Special Campaign Starting Soon!
The grand finale of the footballing season is approaching for European leagues! In eFootball™, we will be celebrating the clubs that have become the champions of their leagues via a special campaign. This is your chance to sign some superb talents that have brought glory to their club!
Furthermore, starting from May 18 we will be celebrating the 6th anniversary of the mobile version of eFootball™ with an exciting campaign! Please look forward to it.

Planned Special Player Lists
D. Seaman, K. Rummenigge and other players with brilliant achievements in the domestic leagues will appear as Epic players, while P. Mertesacker, J. Wilshere and other legends of the game will appear as Big Time players.
As for Highlight players, which can be signed using Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals, you will be able to sign players with outstanding achievements in the late season or star players of the clubs. What's more, players with the new Player Skill "Game-changing Pass" will be introduced as Show Time players! Check out each Special Player List for more details.

Updated Match Pass
To help you further bolster your team, all Match Passes have now been updated!
Apart from Regular Match Pass which is available for all users for free, you can also use eFootball™ Coins to unlock Value Match Pass and Premium Match Pass.
Complete matches and earn rewards to further bolster your Dream Team!
11/05/2023 02:00 - 08/06/2023 01:59 (UTC)

*This campaign may not be available in certain Countries/Regions.
*The schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.