Known Issues
XboxOne Xbox X|S

See below for a list of issues recently confirmed by the dev team.

・ If user presses the Xbox button on the Controller and switch to a user profile that is different than the one used to sign in to the game, accessing [Player Actions] in the player signing screen will render the game inoperable.

・ The colours of the special effects on POTW Player Cards are not displayed correctly.

・ The Foil effect is not displayed correctly on the miniature photo of Foil Player Cards.

・ When users who have created a Match Room access [Game Plan] > [Team] > [Game Plan List] and another user enters the Match Room, the buttons displayed at the bottom of the screen will be changed to that of the Match Room screen, rendering them inoperable.
This is a display-only issue and can be resolved by either selecting a Game Plan or by any other screen transitions.

We are currently hard at work on fixes for all known issues.
See the notice released along with each update to check which issues have been fixed.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.